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165Geekboy2015-03-16 02:39:24<@Iambian> If I can't have my pie on pi day, I'll celebrate it later and call it a poor approximation
164Geekboy2015-01-31 23:40:13<Patrick^D> that's why I have a TI-85 instead of a dog
160Geekboy2015-01-11 20:11:53<@geekboy> and yes this channel is my twitter today <@geekboy> deal [14:59:15] ** Iambian nibbles a twitter <@Iambian> No this is not twitter! Pics or it didn't happen :3 <@geekboy> you want pics of me folding laundry? lol <@Iambian> Uhhh <@Iambian> Do people actually do that? <@geekboy> i do <@Iambian> oh okay <@Iambian> do you like have some sort of super saiyan quick powerfold technique? <@geekboy> depends on what it is <@geekboy> but yes its called hangars <@geekboy> https://www.dropbox.com/s/32sju4qq1c39nqb/2015-01-11%2014.57.26.jpg?dl=0 <@geekboy> sometimes towels like to attack tho <@Iambian> oh noes! Evil towels of the Flatcloth Empire! <@geekboy> worse the fuzzy cloth empire <@Iambian> Oh dear. time to send in the Static Protection Squad <@geekboy> they all got killed the drier overlord killed them <@Iambian> Without a chance to clear the Lint Trap first? <@geekboy> nay poor ssouls <@Iambian> May they be remembered forever for their bright, colorful and full lives <@Iambian> Protecting all from the dangers of static cling
159Geekboy2014-10-10 19:35:20<@Iambian> http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=7586576 <@Iambian> IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE!
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